The Project

The idea of the project

The origin of this four-national project is to set up an exchange of young people from France, Germany, Turkey and Armenia and to give them the opportunity to exchange and share their experiences. The aim is to develop new relationships and perspectives between young people, for a common and peaceful future.

The move towards the world of globalization and the erosion of boundaries of cross-national communication urges the need of removing the socio-political obstacles for direct communication. The lack of this direct communication between the citizens of different nations and cultures creates an atmosphere of non-understanding and intolerance. Thus, we see the need for creating a free space of exchange for people from Armenia, France, Germany and Turkey so that they can jointly produce, and share, with each other their own stories. In this way, such representations promote mutual understanding and contribute to cultural exchange by giving voice to pure human stories.

During this project, participants will be led to work together, using journalistic and creative tools such as blogs, narrative photography and social media. It will also be an opportunity for these young people to familiarize themselves with these medias, which are now essential in promoting active citizens and participants in the social life of their country.

6 young people from each country participated and met in each phase of the project to cooperate and develop a common project and finally to share their experience with a wider audience.

Another important component of this project is to give the participants the opportunity to discover the local conditions in the respective countries. Therefore, there the group discovered during each phase of the project the history of the different project sites, to get in touch with the local inhabitants and to create a connection between the local and international dimension of the project.